5 Websites for Creating Easy-to-Remember but Strong Passwords

These days we hear a lot about the online accounts getting hacked. Reasons can be many, ignorance is one. If you create a strong passwordit can save the day for you. When you register online there is a password strength indicator for creating strong passwords. It  indicates how strong your password is. A good password in general,  is the mix of the letters, numbers and special characters.

Some websites that may help you to create strong passwords for your online accounts which will be difficult to trace by the hackers are listed below.

Online Password Creators Free

Pass Creator

Pass creator

Pass creator creates pronounceable passwords within 10 seconds for you. You just need to fill the options the website requests to create a strong password and hit the red button ‘Create Password’  at the top of the website. The created password is displayed at the top of the website.

SS64 Password Generator

SS64 Password Generator

It is always advisable to create a unique password for your different online accounts, this website lets you create the custom passwords for different websites which we visit regularly. With the help of the master password that you provide the website can create different passwords for the each websites you visit.

Password Chart

Password Chart

Password chart creates passwords in a different fashion when compared to the above two website. With the help of the key phrase that you enter in the first field, a chart is developed where each letter from A-Z is assigned with a combination of the letters. The next step is to enter your password phrase, based on password phrase the Password chart creates the password. Don’t forget the key phrase.

Simple Password

Simple Password

This website helps you to create a unique password for the different online accounts. After navigating to this website, enter the website for which you want to create a password and in the next field enter your master password. A 20 character long password is created which could be weird to remember but you can save it with your password manager.

Windows For Us Easy Password Generator

The Password Generator from the Windows for us website creates a password for the users which can be easily remembered. Just enter the phrase of your password and hit generate button next to the text field. The password generator then creates a password with the combination of uppercase, lowercase and the special case letters.

If you want to test how strong your password is, need more tips on how to create strong ASCII passwords and details about some desktop password generator applications, visit The Windows Club.

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