How to get WhatsApp Messenger on your iPod Touch

I’ve come across many people who always asked me “How do I have WhatsApp Messenger” on my iPod Touch? Most of them say they were unable to install/configure WhatsApp Messenger on their device and always asked me for the solution. So this time I’ve come up with an exclusive tutorial to make WhatsApp Messenger work on your iPod Touch. Before continuing make sure you know, I’ve tried and tested this trick on iPod Touch 2G, 3G, and iPod Touch 4G.

WhatsApp Messenger cannot be installed on iPod Touch since it is iPhone only compatible. A Jailbreak tweak can make WhatsApp messenger work on your iPod device.

WhatsApp Messenger can be successfully installed on iPod Touch but whenever you try to activate it using your phone number it always rejects and shows an error message “Cannot connect to WhatsApp services” to bypass this just follow the tutorial below.

Note: Your iPod Touch should be jailbroken and able to run homebrew applications and If you have installed WhatsApp Messenger before do remove it and make sure it’s not installed on your device.

So let’s start with the tutorial,

Step 1: Make sure you have Cydia installed on your device along with “BigBoss Repo” ( added to it.

Step 2: Open Cydia and search for “WhatsPad”

Step 3: Install “WhatsPad” on your device and reboot it. (Rebooting is not recommended if you are on tethered jailbreak)

Step 4: Open “Install0us” and search for “WhatsApp Messenger”

Step 5: Install “WhatsApp Messenger” from Install0us or purchase WhatsApp Messenger from iTunes Store.

Step 6: Once installed, run the app and you will need to configure/setup it. (Make sure you are in WiFi zone)

Step 7: You will be asked for your country code and your mobile phone number, type the same and continue.

Step 8: If you have tried earlier you would have got an error here saying “Cannot connect to WhatsApp services” but using WhatsPad (Cydia tweak) you have bypassed it successfully.

Step 9: Enjoy Messaging!


  1. Doesn’t work now on a 2G ipod touch I’ve done everything as prescribed more three times. I bought what’s app & all. For those of you now beware!

  2. plz help… i dont have install0us and i have an ipod 2g …. where can i find the whatapp application … i tired downloading and insatlling it but it says the hardware does not support … HELP ME PLZ…..

  3. I am not getting any verification message on my phone after i give my number on whatsapp on my ipod touch 2G …country code and everything else is correct. i am already using whatsapp on android … how do i activate it on my ipod?..

  4. For people who are desperately searching for Install0us, it has been shut down for a while. Luckily there are lots of alternative sources (like AppCake) which you can find by using “Google”.

  5. there is no longer Intallous, in AppCake there is only WhatsApp 2.8.6 and above. It is not working on iOs 4.2.1. There is no possible to install Whatsapp 2.8.3 through iTunes cause it says that “is not compatible”. What with that ?

  6. how can the whats app work if it doesnt support sim card and also we installed it how can it work with out the sim

  7. :S i can’t find any of the apps required to download?
    if anyone could maybe send a link or something that would be greaaaat

  8. where do i find the “Install0us”?? i buyed/downloaded the app on my pc and now when i tried to convert it over to my ipod it says “The app “whatsapp was not installed on the ipod touch, because it is not compatible with this ipod”. What is wrong or what can i do to fix this or get it on my ipod??

  9. Thanks a lot ^^ got scared that i had to tell everyone i couldn’t use whatsapp anymore, but thanks to you, i can :D

  10. Hey I tried exactly what you said but It didn’t work. But I’ll try again hope it does! But thanks for giving us a way todo it!

      1. yes! but you have to install appsync which comes with installous bundle but installous is not available anymore :(

  11. Hi, I could not install the whatspad from Cydia. “Cannot Comply” with a note: the requested modification cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed. I have ipod touch 3.1.2 version. Please advise. Thanks

    1. Do you use the first generation iPod Touch? If not upgrade your firmware to 4.2.1 atleast.

    2. Hey, I have got the same problem and I use the first generation iPod. So, please help me

    1. May be there is problem with fetching data from the servers. Try again after some time or use different WiFi network.

  12. Hey man. I have a iPod 2G (8bg) Or an iPod 3G, not sure anymore :P Anyways, i tried once before, didn’t work, then I did as you said and IT WORLKS PERFECTLY!!! Thank you so so soooo much (:

    1. I’m glad everyone liked it :)
      Well, yours is iPod Touch 2G that’s because iPod Touch 3G doesn’t come in 8GB version.

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