how to clean ipad and iphone

How To Clean Your iPad and iPhone Safely

The Apple iPhone and iPad are classy devices but with a big screen which gets dirty quickly. Despite of having an anti-oil coating on screen it shows fingerprints and smudges so easily. These little obstinate specks of dust like smudge marks and oily finger prints makes Apple’s new beautiful device to look less appealing.

It’s really important to keep your screen clean because even small amounts of dust and dirt can damage the screen coating leading to more scratches. Spare some time to make your iPhone and iPad shine like new product just as it was out of that Apple packaging.

Cleaning the iPad and iPhone Screen:

  • First turn off the iPad / iPhone and then disconnect it from any external power sources and other accessories.
  • Gently wipe the screen with very soft and slightly damped cloth. Be sure to not allow moisture to get into the openings of the iPad/iPhone.
  • Do not spray cleaners directly onto the item.
  • Repeat until the screen is clean again.

Never use any type of cleaning solvent such as Windex or Window cleaners which includes rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover and other chemical agents. Use only water and a lint free scratch resistant cloth to clean the screen.

The chemicals in window cleaners can damage the oleophobic screen coating and can make thae iPad/iPhone screen less responsive to touch over time. The 3M Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is usually preferred which is available in the Apple store.

Clean your expensive device iPad/iPhone carefully and regularly so that it continues to look great and retains its value over time. Another way to keep your screen clean is by using an invisible SHIELD or other protection device. There are wide variety of accessories for iPad and iPhone like cases, covers and protective shield to protect the device, ranging from affordable price to even luxurious ones. These screen protectors will protect the delicate screen and keep it clean.

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