How to recover deleted SMS in an iPhone?

SMS, referred to as texting is a method of sending short text messages between cell phones. These Text Messages or SMS to be specific have become one of the popular forms of communication and at times also carry important forms of data on your iPhone. If due to some reason you have deleted any of these Text Messages then you lose all conversation you have had. But do not worry anymore as i have found out a way to get these deleted messages back. Read to find How to recover deleted SMS in an iPhone.

How to recover deleted SMS in an iPhone?

There are 2 methods using which you can ‘Recover deleted SMS from your iPhone’. The first method can be applied to all standard iPhones using iTunes. The second method however needs you to have a jailbroken iPhone. Let us check out both these methods one by one.

1. Recover Deleted SMS using iTunes

Deleting a Text Message on your iPhone is like deleting a file on the computer. So when you delete a file on a computer, it gets transferred to the Trash. Hence you can recover it if you want or you can empty your trash so that the file is permanently deleted.

When you delete a Text Message on an iPhone it just gets transferred to Trash. And when you sync your iPhone with iTunes, then it actually gets deleted.

The reason why I am telling you all this is that this method works. Hence if you delete some text messages and sync your iPhone, you will never be able to get back those deleted text messages since iTunes will delete them permanently.

A lot has been said; now let us follow the steps to actually implement this:

1. Disable Automatic Syncing on your iTunes/iPhone so that when you connect your iPhone to the computer, iTunes should not try to sync with your phone.

2. Now connect your iPhone to the computer and you should see your phone listed in iTunes.

3. Right Click on your phone name and select Backup. iTunes will start backing up your phone immediately.

4. Once done, go to the Summary Tab of iTunes and Restore your iPhone. Make sure that you DO NOT Restore From Backup. You should choose the RESTORE option shown in the image below. Please read the message shown besides the Restore Button and you will get the difference.

5. By restoring your iPhone using this method, your phone will be completely erased and restored to what we call ‘Factory Settings’. Hence it is very important that you properly backup your device.

6. Please remember that the above step will ‘Completely Restore your iPhone’ and hence it might also change the iOS version of your iPhone to the one it was shipped with. You can update your iOS version afterwards.

7. Now after your iPhone has been restored to its original state, again go to iTunes, right click on the phone name and this time select ‘Restore from Backup’.

8. This will restore your iPhone with the backup taken in step 3.

9. Once complete, you should not get back all your Deleted Text Messages.

2. Recover Deleted SMS using Undelete SMS

As mentioned earlier, this method can be used only if you have a jailbroken iPhone. The reason being that this method uses a tool named ‘Undelete SMS’ that can be downloaded through CYDIA.

This method is much more easy and convenient since you do not have to go through any kind of Backup and Restore like in the first method. But again, there is no total guarantee that each and every of your deleted Text Messages will be recovered through this tool. Whatever the case is, it is totally worth trying.

Follow these steps in order to install Undelete SMS and recover your deleted text messages:

  • Open CYDIA and go to SOURCES
  • Now tap on the EDIT button in the Top Right side of the screen
  • Now you should see an ADD button in the Top Left side of the screen
  • Tap on the ADD button and enter the link:
  • Now tap on ADD SOURCE to add this repo
  • Once done you should now see a repo named ‘xSellize’
  • Open this repo and scroll down till you find ‘Undelete SMS’

  • Then tap on the link for Undelete SMS and you should see a page like this:

  • Tap on INSTALL and then tap on CONTINUE in the next window
  • Cydia will start downloading and installing Undelete SMS for you
  • Follow the instructions and you are done.

Now you should see a new app on your home screen named ‘Undelete SMS’. Simply open the app and you will be welcomed with this Message Window:

Tap on OK so that the tool can start searching for deleted content on your device. Once done, it will show you all the search results in the form of plain text. You can then copy them and paste them wherever you want (Notes, Mails etc).


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