How to Add and Remove Widget in Android Phone

We are currently into the 21st Century where Gadgets and their Apps are  relatively important and have become an integral part of everyone’s life. These  Apps brings you various Widgets to make life easier and suitable and are  growing at a rapid rate with the updated technological world. These days,  Widgets have become so important that they are localizing the benefits of  Android Applications and are found to be very much useful to a greater extend.

Everyone knows that Android invested so much of money for that Android  Application market which consist of various indefinite Apps where people can  download any kind of Apps. Along with Downloading Apps, people also have  chance of getting widgets provided by their respective authors. So now we will  have a look on hot to add and remove widgets on your Android Phone.

How to Add widgets on Android

Step 1:

You can enable your Android widget screen by two following ways:

  1. Long press an empty space on the home screen, OR
  2. Press ‘Menu’ and tap on ‘Add’ option.

How to Add and Remove Widget in Android Phone

Step 2:
Tap on ‘widgets’ option and wait until all the widgets got displayed.

How to Add and Remove Widget in Android Phone

Step 3:
Choose the widget and tap on it, and it will be added to your home screen.

How to Add and Remove Widget in Android Phone

Its done, I am sure its easy for you as well to add widgets to your Android Phone.

How to Remove widgets on Android

Adding Widgets might take sometime whereas removing widgets which has been created already, for removing you just have to hold on the widget and drag it to the bottom or top (device dependent), you have to hold this until you see a red mark blinks and correspondingly your widgets will be removed from your Android Device.

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