5 Best Cloud Apps for Android

Carrying data storage devices with you is considered as an old fashion nowadays. With the cloud trend catching up and people getting more inclined towards cloud computing, we have started dumping data to the cloud.

So here are five cloud storage apps for Android that will let you back up your data to the cloud.

Mozy – The application lets you share your photos, pics, notes etc. It bring you at ease by letting you access them at any part of the world. It is like carrying your whole virtual world with you on the web.

Box – Somewhat similar to Dropbox, it provides user with 5 GB of free space on the cloud. Though it has got the reputation of a business app, it does a decent job for home users too. Just dump your data on the 5 GB of free space or buy yourself some cloud space for your precious data.

Windows Live SkyDrive – If you are running low on money and don’t want to spend for the space beyong 5 GB, then this is a must try option. With the cloud storage space of 25 GB, it does a nice job of importing and exporting data to your Android device with the help of Sorami. Though the job may not be that smooth but what would be better than 25GB of free space and nice landing and off loading of data.

Amazon Cloud Player – If you are an Music aficionados and have built a huge music collection then it is must consider option for you. With the 5 GB of free space, it lets you play or stream your music in any part of the the world. Want to buy a music album and upgrade space at the same time? Don’t worry! Just buy an album from Amazon and get 15 GB of storage space by Amazon.

Pandora – If you simply love music, no matter who is artist, then it is an app for you to look up. Just share your favorite artist or music genre with Pandora and it will play related music for you. Storage space and syncing is concept not to worry about.

There may be many other cloud apps but the above mentioned services are sure for any Android user. They will not only protect your data from losing but also entertain you with some music.

Any favorites we have missed?


  1. What about CloudAround? You mention Cloud Player on Android for music streaming, and Dropbox for file storage, but CloudAround streams music, with autotagging, from Dropbox and some other clouds as well!

  2. some you missed
    1) Sugarsync which automatically uploads photos and videos taken with your phone to the cloud in addition to any files or folders you choose on your desktop, smartphone or tablet

    2) Google music which allows you to upload your entire music collection to the Google cloud for free and stream them to any web connected device

    3) Sandisk’s memory zone which allows you to consolidate all your cloud storage sources in 1 app

    4) Seekdroid which allows you to track, locate, lock and wipe your phone from the web or through sms

    1. Thanks for the comment. We reviewed the ones which we found the best. There are numerous other good ones such as Dropbox etc. which aren’t covered because they are known to everyone. We at TGC (thegeeksclub) focus on making the visitor face the uncommon and a better side of this techie world. Keep visiting and share what you not feel good. We are open to constructive critisicm.

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