How to install Deb files on iPhone / iPod / iPad

This tutorial will show you how to install a deb file in Window Computers. Here you are going see four different methods, some are difficult and easy. You can choose any methods which suits you. In this tutorial the deb file used is TGC.deb.

First Method By Using WinSCP

Install OpenSSH on your iPhone from Cydia.

Download and install the WinSCP in your Window Computer. Click on the WinSCP logo to download.

Make sure your SSH is enable. You can check on SBSettings or you cydia packages section.

Open the WinSCP and click “New”. Now fill the login details in your WinSCP.

  • Host Name: Wi-Fi IP Address .To find your IP address, go to the SBsettings or simple way is Settings>>Wi-Fi>> your router>> Your IP
  • Port: 22
  • user name: root
  • password: alpine (it’s default password, but if you change your root in cydia then use that one instead of this)
  • File protocol: SCP (It’s important to choose SCP unless you won’t be able to open Terminal)

Click on “Login”.

The connection to your iPhone should be established.  There are two panel  one on your left side content of your PC and on the right side the content of your iPhone.

You can browser your iPhone by using this arrow   and coming back by clicking on this symbol   .

Now navigate to the /tmp/ folder and put the deb file which you want to install in your iPhone. In this my tutorial, it’s “TGC.deb”. Just copy the deb file to the tmp folder.  (Location of temp folder :root/private/var/tmp).

Finally all the things are in right place location and now you have installed the deb file in your iPhone/iPod/iPad.  Just open the terminal by pressing CTRL+T.

You can see the terminal; all you have to do is type the command: dpkg -i /tmp/TGC.deb.

  1. After the installation just delete the deb file from the /tmp/ folder.
  2. Now Reboot your iPhone/iPod and enjoy the installed app.
  3. Second Method by Using Mobile Terminal

    In this method you also need to put the deb file into the tmp folder which I already mention in previous method. After placing the deb file you can follow this method.

    Install the Mobile Terminal via cydia.

      After installation open the “Mobile Terminal”.

        You can see a black interface Enter: su.

          1. Enter the password : alpine (if you change the password, so use that one)
          2. Type this command dpkg -i /tmp/TGC.deb  ( Write your deb file name instead of TGC)
          3. Delete the deb file from tem folder.
          4. Now reboot your iPod/iPhone.

          Third Method by Using iFile

          iFile: A File Manager and Viewer. iFile is a file manager running under user root. Works for iPhone, iPod touch and now Ipad. It allows fast navigation through the iPhone file system. You can directly view files of various types, e.g. movies, sound, text, HTML, Microsoft types, PDF, various compressed formats.

          Install the iFile via cydia.

            Open the iFile and navigate to the tmp folder. By taping on left arrow you can go the tmp folder.

              Just scroll down then you can see the tmp folder.Open the folder and locate the TGC or your deb file tap it and install.

                Reboot your phone.

                  Fourth Method by Using iFunfox

                  This is a very simple and easiest way to install the deb file.

                  1. Download the iFunfox. (Click the iFunbox)
                  2. Open the iFunfox and click on the “Cydia App Install” and drag the deb file in this location.

                  Simple Reboot you iPhone/iPod.

                    I hope you like this tutorial and I appreciate your comments. Stay tuned for upcoming tutorial and tweak.


                    1. when i pressed execute it didn’t work it shoed me this
                      /private/var/tmp$ dpkg -i /tmp/myapp.deb
                      dpkg: error processing /tmp/myapp.deb (–install):
                      cannot access archive: No such file or directory
                      Errors were encountered while processing:
                      .plz help

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