Sony PSP E1000 (PSP Street) – Good or Bad ??

When it comes to gaming, one of the names that definitely come to your mind is SONY. Sony is a brand that has dominated the gaming industry since ages. They are very popular for their Playstation Gaming Console series which starts right from the PSX, PSone and goes all the way to PS2, PS3, and the almighty PSP series !!

Today we are going to check out yet another Gaming Console that has been recently launched by Sony. We shall check out what’s hot in it and what’s not. And what makes it stand apart from its earlier models. What we are checking out today is the new SONY PSP E1000 SERIES !!

Sony PSP Street E1000 is really worth buying?

The SONY PSP E1000 so to say is a ‘Cheap’ and ‘Economic’ model from the PSP series, launched by Sony. This model does not have a Wi-Fi connectivity and at the same time, it has just one speaker on the left side, visible in the above screen-shot. This model also has the same screen as that of the PSP 3000 so brightness and clarity will not be a problem.

Many have commented that this model seems to have a ‘Horrendous’ built quality. It actually feels as if the device parts are going to fall apart. Many people seemed to be confused about what to conclude after taking a look at this device. It has a total ‘Carbon Like Body’, which is completely diametrical when compared to the ‘Shiny Gloss Body’ that the PSP 3000 series has. Now I have not yet got my hands on a PSP E1000 machine so I can’t say much personally.

The only thing that could possibly attract a lot of people to the SONY PSP E1000 is the lightweight price tag of $100. Apart from this, there is hardly any reason why someone should go for a PSP E1000, instead of a PSP 3000.

By the way, the PSP Street E1000 also has a UMD slot. It means it can play all the mainline PSP games. And this PSP will probably have the latest 6.60 firmware, which means that Homebrew will not be a problem either.

Now even though there’s a lot of time for Christmas, if I wanted to buy a PSP for myself then I would rather spend that extra $30 and get myself a PSP 3000 worth $130. This is because, I, personally do not want to lose a chance to play multiplayer games. Also, I do not want to have a Single Speaker on my Gaming Console.


  1. guys,better buy psp e1004 as now there is no service centre for other psps in india.if the would have any problem,then all money wasted.

  2. all those whose think that psp e1000 series is not good then they are wrong. it is the best game playing psp.where about speakers you can connect headphones.i’ve a psp e1004,if you play on it ,it will give a better experience that psp3000 cant give.psp 3000 has a battery slot by chance if the psp drops the battery slot will be cracked.psp e1000 has no battery slot its battery is in its umd slot on the left side its buttons are better than in my thinking i loved this psp.

    1. LOL! How is non-replaceable battery and no multilayer, and tugging around a headphone is better?


  4. psp street is not so can still install iso’s and homebrew’s. there is no wifi thats a problem but still wifi in a psp has never been so good and it looks better also and straches can also not be detected in it so its not such a bad deal.

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