The Ultimate Laptop Buyers Guide Released

Sony Vaio is the best!  If you find a better one than Dell XPS 15, the beer is on me !! Nah – Lenovo, any day! Ever found yourself in the middle of such a conversation? Planning to buy a new laptop but don’t know which laptop to buy, with so options out there? Unsure if you need a business style laptop or a personal laptop for your home needs? If so, then this guide from The Geeks Club is something you definitely want to read.

The Geeks Club is delighted to release The Ultimate Laptop Buyers Guide, the ultimate read for those wanting to buy a new laptop. It isn’t just another eBook with lots of text in Times Roman font with a size of 12. Actually this eBook authored by Syed Asrarullah for TGC, is a beautiful collection of all the information you will need when you decide to buy a new laptop. It includes eye-catching and crisp visuals to aid you in selection.

Every laptop owner should work on a laptop that suits exactly him  and not the market. Ever suffered from inferiority complex when the passenger beside you on the flight takes out his magnificent Dell XPS while you work on your Lenovo S Laptop? Ever thought that the laptop models used by antagonists in Die Hard 4.0 are the best ones in the industry and suit you the most? If yes, then you are WRONG! Because a laptop bought specifically for a particular user may not be the best one for others. So if you take an informed decision, you will never be in such a situation – because you will know that your laptop was the one, you exactly needed and wanted to buy for yourself!

From the various features, components, tech specifications and prices, the laptop guide discussed various aspects of most well-know brands and laptop models.

Questions like:

  • Do I really need so much RAM?
  • Do I need a graphics card?
  • AMD or Intel – Which one?
  • Which processor is enough for my computing needs?
  • What hard Drive size should I go for?
  • The Battery life .. will 4 hours be enough for me? Or do I need 6 hours?
  • Oh … I travel and carry it around a lot – so I need one that is really light. So which one should I go for?
  • I’ve head of SSDs … hmm, do I go in for them? Is the price worth it? What are its benefits?

You can get these answers and more in this guide.

So when you visit any laptop store, the salesman will not be able to confuse you, but you instead, will be able to ask intelligent questions!

Download The Ultimate Laptop Buyers Guide and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

And yes, if you find it to be an interesting read, we would be happy if you help us spread the word.

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  1. Hii. Thanks for reading The Ultimate Laptop Buyers Guide and glad that you liked it.
    Seeing your preferences and your area of work, I would suggest you to go for a 14″ laptop weighing less than 2.2 lbs with good battery life. The ViewSonic ViewBook VNB141 14″ LED 14″ Notebook fit the bill which is considered a fast, reliable notepad for basic computing tasks.

    About transferring the Windows Mail to your Macbook Pro in case you buy one, you may want to write to the Apple Support Service or visit this page . Hope this is helpful.

    A Macbook Pro would also be good if you find it comfortable to switch from the Windows OS to the MacOS :)

    Thanks :)

  2. I’ve been studying your Ultimate Laptop Buyers Guide for information and guidance. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful resource!

    I currently have a 4-year-old Sony Vaio laptop with a 17″ screen and about 2 hours of battery life. It has served me very reliably and well, but I’d like to upgrade to a laptop that’s a bit smaller, lighter-weight, with longer battery life. Cost is not an issue.

    I’m seriously considering the MacBook Pro series, but I have some concerns about transferring more than 3000 emails (most of which are very important) from Windows Mail to the Mac. Is it somehow possible to install Windows email on the Mac? If so, how complicated would that be? Would the local Apple store techs be willing to do that for me, and then to copy all my emails?

    I’m a housewife and grandmother of three wonderful grandsons. I use the laptop only for email, web access, and occasional instant messaging with my telephone-relay service. I’m deaf, so audio quality doesn’t matter at all to me. I never turn on the audio, nor do I watch videos or movies online because very few of them are captioned.

    Any other suggestions or advice from you would be extremely helpful as I try to make my decision.

    Thank you again!

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