Top 10 Useful Apple iPad 2 Apps

Apple iPad 2 is one of the favorite and the most demanding gadget today. If you are looking for some great apps for your iPad check out our  list of  Top 10 useful iPad 2 Apps:

1. Backgrounds HD: If you are in need of  high quality and vibrant wallpaper as your unique backgrounds for your iPad 2,  the Backgrounds HD application is waiting for you. Backgrounds HD allows you to take full advantage of the crispy Retina display and utilize the full graphic potential of the iPad 2.

The Backgrounds HD includes more than 10,000 backgrounds which are have been created by more than 100 artists which allows you to download vibrant, colorful and designer backgrounds every day. Customize it by adding your own photos, make your own wallpaper, all FREE of cost.

top ipad2 apps

2. eBay: Numerous individuals visit eBay to buy and sell their products online, being one of the best and most reputed online purchase and sell website. The eBay application for iPad2 provide is easy to use, providing you more portability giving you the freedom to buy whatever you intend to.

The iPad2 provides the user a beautiful browsing experience via the eBay appto access beautiful viewing, streamlined, colorful experience and which is superior to browsing on a desktop, laptop, or netbook computer. By tapping on the tab you can monitor easily your Buying, Selling, and Auction, new deal, recent search and watching item activity. And time by time if you out of bid you’re the notification will pop on your screen and it’s provide you more comfort level than you regular desktop computer. You can download from app store free of cost.

3. Skyfire: When you visiting webpages the most contents are emended with flash and obviously you get frustrated when the flash are non-functional on the iPad 2 such as video clips flash games and others. But there is always a solution.

The app named Skyfire which allow you to view most of the flash content in your device. This app firstly launches for the iPhone 4 but after the success Skyfire team design for an iPad 2 to enter in the world of flash.

The Skyfire browser used his own server to download the Flash content and convert it into HTML5 and redirect to the iPad 2, so you enjoy your surfing. The Skyfire is loaded with some extra feature with his browser; there are toolbar in the bottom of the browser with icons. This toolbar give a fast view of social networking and regular mail site without leaving the page being viewed like Facebook and Twitter and Gmail. The website such as Hulu and BBC not work on Skyfire and sometime site like CBS throwing the ads in front of the videos which is hard to render and browser get confused jumps out of the video stream.

Video streaming is dependent on the internet connection. In Wi-Fi connection all video play smooth and satisfactory quality. But if you have slow 3G connection so the video quality will be compromise little bit otherwise most of the contents load quickly and without pausing. This app is not free of cost.

4. iBooks: If you are reader and missing your eBook, so you can enjoy reading your eBook on iPad 2 with 9.7 inch screen. Slick and polished iBook app will allow for browsing and purchasing books on the iPad 2 from iBook Store.

iBook have huge number of collection of books in iBook store its more than thousand book and some are totally free. When you open iBooks first time you can see a bookshelf with a copy of “Winnie the Pooh”. iBook store makes it really cool to purchase new books or to sample books before buying them.

The iBooks app displays a wooden book shelf of all your titles while reading eBook you can easily adjust the brightness of the screen. The texts are very crispy and sharp this because ibook take full advantage of IPS technology. iBooks provide you to change the font type, font size and easily search to find a particular page. There are many freeware which allow you to change your PDF file to iBook format, so then you can read on your iPad 2 via this app. You can download from app store free of cost.

5. Pandora Radio: While I don’t think Pandora itself needs any introduction and it is one of the best free music apps for the iPad 2. Pandora radio app allows you to streams songs on your iPad 2 and user interface very easy and simple to navigate. This slick song app has a superb song selection and supports you discover new song and the finest part about the Pandora Radio application is its song intuitive recommendations.

You can customized your own radio all you will need to do is to tap a favourite music or artist and Pandora Radio application will generate a station that plays their song that approaches near to your selection. Pandora radio has a huge number of pre-set radio stations which including jazz, country dance and alternative.

Pandora radio stream music flawless over Wi-Fi and also buffer fast on 3G network.  However this is a free app and come with limited usage. Pandora allow user to play only 40 hour per month and by paying specific amount user can play unlimited or you can get yearly subscription. This application is free of ad but frequently banner ads pop up on screen.

6. Safe: This is one of the great apps from the app store. It looks to whole its functions without trouble and with the swiftness and consistency you’d assume from a paid business app. It is really valuable without being congested with pointless extras. It has a most of languages as well as Japanese and the app gets regular updates, this is a great app to store and organize your sensitive data. and your peace of mind.

Safe encrypt your images, contact information and all data with super secure strong 256-bit AES encryption. In fact, 256-bit AES has been certified by NSA for government use and TOP SECRET information. So its means you don’t have worry about anymore in that case of data has been lost or stolen, your data will always be protected until you lose the password.

There are six different types of categories such as: credit cards, bank accounts, web accounts, general notes, photos, and contacts. These categories can be altered or reorganized. Safe allows you to shield your sensitive data with your password and strong encryption. You’re all data backup with iTunes database.

7. Real Racing 2 HD: If you want 100% HD gaming for your iPad 2, then you should have to try   Real Racing 2 HD. If you won’t believe me check out the video. Real Racing 2 HD is one of the few applications that were optimized for the iPad 2.

The game is enjoyable so much so you are not going to stop until you have achieved 100% accomplishment. There are a number of game modes such as career mode, multiplayer, time trial and quick race in Real Racing 2 HD. The Career Mode is heart of the game. Playing over career mode and finishing every challenging championship circuits and revealing new circuits one by one makes this game value for money.

Real Racing 2 HD is still the same great game that “singlehandedly redefined racing excellence on the iOS platform” last year with one special addition:

There is other plus point of this game is if you have iPad 2 ‘s Digital AV Adapter then you easily  output on your HDTV  and experience “true” 1080p widescreen HD gaming. But also you can use the iPad 2 as a gyroscopic controller and secondary screen that’s mildly reminiscent of the Nintendo 3DS.

8. Avplayer HD: If you have never enjoyed any videos on your iPad 2 device and missing your favourite videos which you cannot play due the format support. Every time converter your video in to QuickTime compatible video format, so then you can play in your iPad 2.

ePLAYWORKs develop a  app called Avplayer HD will allow you play  non-native video formats, such as DivX ,Xvid (including AC3), AVI, RMVB,ASF,H264,WMV and High-definition  in MKV. And some extra features, including support subtitle for SMI, SRT and some basic post processing.

However Avplayer HD offers more attractive features, like support TV out, multi-touch gestures, Playback Ratio 4:3, 16:9 or even 5:4, supported video resolutions 1280 x 720, 480 x 270 and 1280 x 544 and playback speed control. The only problem with AVPlayer HD was playing HD content at 1920 x 1080 resolutions, but the recent update fix this issue because iPad 2 have dual core processor and its optimize for iPad 2 to run flawless and It also shows that the A5 found in the iPad 2. Now you can play any HD format smoothly without any hassle.

9. QuickOffice HD: Quickoffice HD is the simple and best application. It can easily manage your all office documents, this app supports Microsoft Office document’s such as: .docx, .doc, .xls, and .xlsx formats. Quickoffice HD gives a preview of the contents of the folder, but only load when you try to access the document.

It is easy and fun while creating spreadsheets and documents. Quickoffice HD have provides you all basic formatting options are offered. Formats, alignment, underline, fonts, colors, Bold etc. Your all file swiftly sync with standard cloud services including Mobile Me, Google Docs, SugarSync, iDisk, Dropbox, Box and huddle. So you can access your documents from pretty much anywhere.

Quickoffice HD the ability to do multiple styling options to a document with ease and interface has smooth popover windows.  This app has history of updating and supporting by developer, so it’s one of the best things you need from Quickoffice HD.

10. IM+ Pro: IM+ Pro provides you to manage your social networking stuff like Skype, AOL, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo! Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ and MySpace to put at one place. You can add your account in few touches the step are very easy, just selects the service and configure it. You can manage your chat history of every single account; you can delete the existing chat histories and also enable or disable the push new email notifications. After adding the accounts you can easily turn individual accounts on or off but only use the ones you want to.

IM+ Pro loaded with enrich features such as: customizable backgrounds, copy and paste, avatar support, typing notifications, send photos, voice message, video, speech recognition, group chat, custom status and Geo location, Animated Emoticons and plus your chat record being accessible online (at as well as in app. Recently IM+ Pro was updated with a new feature called “Neighbors feature” allow you to locate your friends on the map as well as locating new friends in your local area and find new connection.

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