Yahoo Login: How to Securely Sign to Yahoo! Mail

Today in this information sensitive world, security has become the greatest issue. Everyone wants to keep their account details and in-turn content of that account safe. One’s email account may contain lots of sensitive data, important emails, bank details and many other things which if, the owner of the email account may get bankrupted and may have havoc in his/her life. To prevent any hacker getting hold of your personal information, few cautions steps must be taken by every user. In this post, we learn how to Securely Sign to Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Login: How to Securely Sign to Yahoo Mail

 Easy to follow precautions which will decrease 75% of attacks

  • Use strong passwords. An alphanumeric password containing one special character is recommended.
  • Whenever additional security steps are provided by email site, it should be implemented immediately in one’s account. For example, Gmail provides a “two-step” verification process.

Yahoo! being the oldest email provider currently owns millions of users. Thus being one of the largest contender, Yahoo! is bound to provide few advanced security options; we will take a look at some of them.

  1. The first and the most common option is logging in using a secure connection (SSL). By default, you login into your account using SSL connection. You can confirm that you are using secure connection by looking at the address bar of your browser; if you can see “https” word before site address then consider your connection as secure. If you do not see the same word there, upgrade your browser as the old browser doesn’t support SSL connection.
  2. Another indigenous security feature that has been launched recently by Yahoo! Mail is “sign-in seal”. The basic idea behind that is creating a sign-in page which is authorized by a user itself. When you create a sign-in seal, you should log-in only when the seal is shown above the sign-in box. In this ways, seal helps to ensure authenticity. One can easily create such seal by visiting Yahoo! Mail homepage or simply by visiting this link.

Yahoo Login: How to Securely Sign to Yahoo! MailYahoo Login: How to Securely Sign to Yahoo! Mail

When the new feature was launched, Yahoo! Mail was considered as to be the weakest email provides of all. But with the launch of this feature, Yahoo! silenced all its critics.

Secure Yahoo Mobile Login

Yahoo! has the highest number of users on mobile. Yahoo! Mail is accessed millions of times on mobile devices. So whenever you are accessing your account from mobile, make sure your mobile data is secure and hack-proof. Don’t leave your mobile open for other’s access. Change your account password immediately in case your mobile get’s lost.

How to Securely Sign to Yahoo Mail

Make sure you Access your account through proper SSL Encrypted URL

When you are going to put your account credentials, just check the URL in the browser’s address bar and make sure that the URL starts with

How to Securely Sign to Yahoo Mail

Enable Yahoo Mail Second Sign-In Verification

You can also enable Second Sign-In Verification for your Yahoo account. To do so, visit the Second Sign-In Verification page. You will then Set Up Second Sign-in Verification Setup page where you can do the needful.

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  1. When i try to access my yahoo account through my mobile it keeps bumping me back to the login screen with the message ‘this is a ssl secure login try alternate login’ can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?

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