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Apple is reported to announce the next generation iPhone next month. Before completing the 1st year of iPhone 4S, this new iPhone will be showcased by Apple.

According to the reports, Apple may hold an event on 12th September to announce the new iPhone. The pre-orders along with the handset launch are set for 21st September.

That’s approximately a month ahead from now. With the launch of next iPhone, the price of current along with the old generation iPhone’s will tend to fall. So this calls for a question, when is the right time to sell your old iPhone?

When is the right time to sell your old iPhone

iPhone 5 launch will be most benefited to iPhone 4 users who had an agreement of 2-years contract. As their contract is already over, they are free to sell their old iPhone and get the upcoming latest one.

I will highly recommend iPhone 4 users to sell their device and get hands on the highly anticipated iPhone 5, of course those who are willing to go for it. For iPhone 4S users, I’ll suggest to wait until the iPhone 5 is announced as for them is iPhone 5 really necessary.

With the phone coming right next month, this is the RIGHT time to sell your old iPhone to make right cash from it. All the willing iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users can make hard cash out of their devices if sold right now.

Market doesn’t seem to be tough at this moment (2 weeks before the announcement). Once the next iPhone is announced, the resale value of the old iPhone will slash down and instead you will have to sell your device at the buyers demanded price.

Those who have signed the 2-years contract with iPhone 4S, sorry it seems like they need to wait for another year. Where as those with 1-year contract with iPhone 4S need to wait for two more months, until the contract period is over.

This will be the first time in Apple’s history where they have launched two phones in the same year. This can make it clear that, Apple is launching iPhone 5 considering the iPhone 4 users.

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I just came to know about this new and most innovative iPhone4 stun gun case Yellow Jacket and couldn’t stop myself to share it with my readers here in The Geeks Club.

This iPhone4 stun gun case is one of its kinds and is created by Seth Froom who is a former police officer. He became a victim of armed robbery a few days back and this prompted him to create and design some brilliant self protection device.

Actually when he was attacked by the assailants, the only thing in his reach was his cell phone and there he got an idea to create a self protecting device which he can attach to a phone.iphone4 stun gun case

It is the only phone case which not only protects your iPhone but also protects you.  It is wonderful self-protecting device for stopping the violent assailant.

However I am still confused why he has given the name Yellow Jacket to this iPhone 4 stun gun case.

Anyways let us not discuss about the name and move towards the featured of this one and only iPhone stun gun case.

Features of iPhone4 Stun Gun Case

  • The Yellow Jacket iPhone4 stun gun case has a built-in battery which also works as a backup battery for your iPhone. This battery grants a 20 hours of additional standby time.

Isn’t that awesome?

An iPhone case which provides a battery backup as well as acts as a self protection device.


  • This innovative iPhone4 stun gun case has two thick layers casing which prevents the users to get a jerk accidently while making a phone call or using their iPhone.
  • There is a special safety switch in the iPhone 4 stun gun case which has to be engaged to use this case as a stun gun.
  • There is an electrode cap in this stun gun case specially designed to prevent any kind of accidental physical contact.

How does an iPhone Stun Gun Case work

iPhone4 stun gun case

You might be wondering, how much time this device takes to get ready for an attack on the assailant, so let me tell you that it takes just a few seconds to get activated. The user can flip the electrode cap back in just a few seconds and then hit the safety switch. It is much faster than the safety devices like the standalone stun gun and the pepper spray.

When the electrodes are activated, a current of 650K volt generates which is enough to stop the assailant.

The first lot of Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case is designed only for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 but Seth Froom and his friend Simone are planning to design and create more of such stun gun case for the other range of Smartphone like iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy range and HTC Evo.

This amazing Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case is available at a price tag of $125 but if you place a pre-order you can get it for $100.

So protect your iPhone and your life simultaneously with Yellow Jacket.

Video Showing Working Of iPhone4 Stun Gun Case


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Have you heard about iPhone app iBike Powerhouse? It is the updated version of iBike Dash CC developed by Velocomp. If you are guessing it has something to do with bikes, let me tell you that you are quite close.

iBike Powerhouse

iBike Powerhouse is a cycling fitness app/tool, which can be considered as one of the best tools ever launched for the fitness and cycling freaks. It makes biking a fun experience and also helps the user reaching the goal.

iBike Powerhouse is designed by world’s top cycling expert Hunter Allen.

It is not just an app but is a complete cycling fitness system which includes:

  • A waterproof and shock resistant case to guard your expensive iPhone
  • Tested electronics which calculate accurate cycling measurements
  • A perfect mount to fix the iBike Powerhouse to your bike
  • Powerhouse app having perfect fitness plans developed by the experts
  • Special cadence sensor and wireless speed sensor

How iBike Powerhouse Works


  • iBike Powerhouse when installed on your iPhone performs an automatic measurement of your fitness level. Then according to the assessed fitness levels it helps the user in setting the fitness goals.
  • There are different goal plans in the system, for example weight loss, fast fitness, and improved cycling. You can select your own goal and then select the corresponding iBike app plan.
  • There are many specific apps plans catering some particular fitness goals such as Zero to 20 miles, Weekend Warrior, Brazillian Butt, Express Fitness, Cycle Max and iSlim. Among these goals only Cycle Max and iSlim are included in the iBike Powerhouse app, rest others will cost some extra USDs.
  • iBike Powerhouse records the bike speed, cadence and distance covered. During each workout the app also prompts the user to reach the goal. According to the goal selected by the user, iBike Powerhouse prompts to set a specific speed for every bike ride or 45-90 minutes.

iBike Powerhouse developed by Velocomp is available with the price tag of 279 USD. Additional fitness programs cost extra.

So if you are a fitness freak but are confused in figuring out what to do, stop worrying because coach Hunter Allen has done it for you. With the specially designed fitness plans Coach Hunter Allen will encourage the users in every step of their ride.

Set your goal, select your plan and enjoy your ride with iBike Powerhouse.

Video Showing The Working Of  iBike Powerhouse


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We have already seen USB drives designed in the shape of business cards but charging cables taking shape of business cards is something new. Spare a minute and take a look at the world’s smallest charging cable – Charge Card!

What is ChargeCard

ChargeCard is a device charger cable designed by Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller. It has a standard 30-pin connector at one end and a USB connector at the other end. However, there lies something very innovative between those two ends — a flat, credit-card like structure with a fold-out flexible cable.

It is the cable which goes into the USB slots of gaming consoles, computers, car stereos, etc. and grabs a quick charge for your dying iPhone. The thinnest forms of the USB cable and 30-pin iPhone connector are only 0.1 inches thick and covered by a decorative plastic. Thus, it slips into your wallet pockets easilly.

If you are an Apple fanboy or a heavy iPhone user you must have realized that it’s unlikely for your battery to last a full day, even with minimal use. So, something capable of replacing tangling cables is what you look for at such a moment of crisis. This is where the Kickstarter project finds its potent use.

  1. Its unique design enables it to fit into your pocket easily.
  2. It replaces cables, currently used for charging iPhones.
  3. Charges multiple devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad)

As with most Kickstarter projects, if you promise solemnly and formally to buy the product, you get a discount. The actual price of ChargeCard’s price is set at $25 but you can get it for $18. And if you increase your pledge, you can select from different color options and even get one with a customized inscription.

How to change pledge amount for ChargeCard?

  • Log into your Kickstarter account
  • Go to the ChargeCard page
  • Click on “Manage Your Pledge”
  • From here you can change your reward level or, if you haven’t done it already, increase your reward by $5 to account for international shipping.

Please note that CardCharger is not a battery, it’s just a cable. You will always have to find a source to plug into for charging your device. For more information, visit here.

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The banner notification system in iOS 5 has made the usability much easier while working between the apps. Most of the native iOS features are further enhanced by jailbreak tweaks which make them lot more convenient to use.

The banner notification system was treated with many such jailbreak tweaks, among them few like ‘Reveal’ were simply awesome. Another such jailbreak tweak named, ‘CoverMeNot’ doubles the status bar height to improve the banner notifications.

CoverMeNot doubles the height of your status bar, so when a notification appears on the screen the currently used app is pushed down. This prevents the notification banner from hiding the content of live app. Once the notification is timed-out, the app is pushed up and status bar re-sizes to normal.

The name itself says everything, ‘CoverMeNot’ as it doesn’t allow banner notification to cover your app. This tweak  is developed by cjori a developer behind ‘Dashboard X’. If you have already used Dashboard X, you can judge CoverMeNot efficiency just by the developer and know about its quality.

CoverMeNot is available in Cydia store under ModMyi repo for FREE. Here’s how to get it,

Step One: Run Cydia Store (make sure it is up to date)

Step Two: Navigate to Search tab.

Step Three: Search for ‘CoverMeNot’.

Step Four: Select the one available from ModMyi repo.

Step Five: Install it.

That’s it, just respring your springboard and CoverMeNot will be working whenever you get a new notification. There is no settings or configuration to be done before using it, it’s as simple as that.

You will surely like the way how it works and soon you will be used to it. I wish Apple adds this feature to the upcoming iOS 6 as it is still in beta stage and there is enough time for the final release. Fingers crossed!

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Apple iPhone is more than a phone, it’s a style statement! It’s not only the phone’s slim and glossy look that attracts buyers but also the accessories that make it look more appealing. Apart from serving the primary purpose of protecting your expensive phone these accessories make your phone look more stylish so you can flaunt it. Mentioned below are the must-have iPhone accessories.

Must-have iPhone Accessories

1. Elago Premium Privacy Protection Film

This accessory is intended to protect the beautiful display monitor or screen of your iPhone. It is also called the “Elago Apple Premium Privacy Protection Film” since it protects your personal information or identity in your iPhone against theft and fraud issues. Even a slight change in viewing angle will foil the nosiest peepers.

2. iHome Rechargeable Mini Speaker

The iHome stereo speaker is cool and an elegant iPhone music player that substitutes the role of an ear phone. It has high-end capacity of playing music with its best quality. It provides respectable sound and can be carried along easily – you can just pack it in a laptop bag or in your trouser pockets. One of its creative features is that it has magnetized bases that you can easily compress while packing. Just separate the speakers and expand their top with a simple twist and plug it to your iPhone when you are going to use them. Another cool thing is, you can just use them while charging.

3. Incipio Feather Case

This is a common iPhone accessory. It protects the phone from scratches. The shell which looks cute and sexy is made of polymer materials and comes in a variety of colors. It is only1mm thick.

4. iP9 Alarm Radio-Clock

This is one of the best iHome products that helps you wake up in the morning. Apart from playing the alarm sound loudly  the device plays your favorite lullaby, it can play the music from 15min to 2 hours and shuts-off once you fall asleep.
If you are tired and would like to operate the device from bed, there’s no worry as a remote controller lets you control the device with ease.

5. Motorola Bluetooth In-Car Speaker

Introducing the new Motorola T505 Bluetooth In-Car speaker! This iPhone accessory transmits data from your iPhone using Bluetooth device to the stereo of your car, such as your favorite music or FM station and plays it. It helps you enjoy your drive. You can listen to pop music and browse your playlist without touching your iPhone screen by just simply using Voice Recognition app like Dragon to receive a call or respond a message or dial a number. When you receive a call the music continues to play in the car stereo and is not stopped.

The five iPhone accessories that I have mentioned are just few among hundreds. You can help me add more by mentioning them in the comments section below.

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Windows 8 will be among the biggest release of this year, the most awaited operating system features the all new Metro User Interface. From Windows Phone 7, the live tiles system was emerged and ported to XBOX 360 Dashboard too.

Windows 8 has already attracted many eyes because of its simple and attractive interface. Windows 8 phones are about to be launched, but they won’t end up with the same user interface as Windows 8 has got for desktops.

This moment if you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you can easily get the same Windows 8 Metro UI which is featured on  desktops and tablets.

There is a jailbreak theme which replaces your native iOS user interface with the Metro user interface of Windows 8. The theme is located under ‘Dreamb0ard’ themes and named as ‘Metroon’. It is only functional if you have Dreamb0ard installed on your device.

Metroon is easy to use and complete Windows 8 theme and comes with horizontal tiles view with rich icons and smooth animations. It provides support for most of the apps and has icons readily designed for them.

The user interface is configurable where you can change the location of icons in the same way like Windows 8. Switching between iOS UI and Metro UI is pretty simple and can be done using a single tap. There is standard UI app list from where you can select your favourite apps on the go. You can watch video here.

Metroon is available in Cydia store under ModMyi repo for $1.50. It requires Dreamb0ard installed on your device, which is also available in Cydia store.

Once you have installed both theme and Dreamb0ard, a Dreamb0ard icon will appear on the home screen. Launch it and select ‘Metroon’ theme from there. That’s it, your device is ready with Metro UI.

There are other Metro UI themes available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which even port the Windows Phone 7 UI to your device.

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Progressing from simple entertainment to a learning medium, video games have come a long way. The popularity is only growing with each passing day. Today, Mobile games have become a favorite past-time for many and also exciting new venues for selling most uniquely designed consoles. Check out the latest innovation – ICade Mobile!

iCade Mobile for iPhone

iCade Mobile is a Bluetooth case that resembles closely a gaming controller for playing games on touch-screen devices like iPhone and iPod touch. The wireless case has a specially designed cradle which ensures safe attachment and the detachment of an iPhone or iPod touch while playing games thereby, providing a full view of action.

Like most game controllers, iCade Mobile too features a 4 way directional pad and other tactile buttons that helps gamer get control over navigation and actions when in between intense sessions of combat or racing games.

From the very first look, it appears that the hand-held gaming controller has what it takes to impress the hardcore gamers. It gets your fingers out of the way and gives you a full view of the action. Plus, it offers the choice of viewing your phone screen in either portrait or landscape format and prevents inaccurate touch controls. Gamers of all ages should love iCade Mobile’s classic controller configuration!

iCade Mobile features:

  • Physical buttons and d-pad to prevent inaccurate touch controls
  • Rotating cradle for viewing gaming action in either landscape and portrait mode
  • Bluetooth technology for connecting wirelessly to an iPhone and iPod
  • Compatibility with hundreds of games
  • Ergonomic design for hours of comfortable gameplay
  • True control with eight action buttons and a two-axis directional pad

iCade Mobile costs approximately $70 and can be bought from any on of the stores mentioned on its official website here.

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Ever wondered what could be the ‘Best Speakers’ that money could buy for your iPhone and iPods? Well I really have no idea about that, but I surely know some really cool and ‘Out of the World’ speakers that is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Best speakers for iPhone and iPod


A company named IXOOST in Modena has made something really new and different. They have designed an ‘Audio System’ for the iPhone and iPod which resemble the ‘Exhaust’ and ‘Engine’ parts of Automobiles. And the most interesting part is that the every Audio System is entirely hand built in Modena by local craftsmen.

The unique design and personal touch makes these products very rare and unique and definitely a collectible for all those ‘Apple Fans who are into Bikes and Cars’ and for all those ‘Automobile Fans who are into Apple Devices’.

As stated by IXOOST, the docks are colourful, finished with high-quality leather coupled with the exhaust manifolds to create fantastic combinations which are a pleasure for the heart as much as for the eye. And on top of all this, you can listen to your favorite music through these extremely innovative loudspeakers featuring a 140W active subwoofer. Its exceptional sound quality and fine acoustic detail provides this dock station with an unequalled listening experience.


If these IXOOST Audio Systems have got you interested, then there is another interesting thing I want you to know. IXOOST have also made a special app that is available in the Apple App Store for a decent price of $0.99. So if you want the best of experience to come to you, I strongly suggest you try out this App as well!

The options and settings in these App have also been created in a very interesting and innovative manner. You are sure to enjoy the combined experience of IXOOST if you can get your hands on one of their models.

If you are really interested in checking out all the designs available, and want to find out more about IXOOST you can visit their official site here. There are no direct options to buy their Audio Systems from the official website though. But you surely can contact them and find out more!

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If you have been using your iPhone, iPod and iPad as devices for ‘Music’ and entertainment, then this post is definitely useful to you. This post will help you solve problems that you might have faced sometimes in the past or will help you avoid problems that would have taken place if you did not take the proper steps.

In order to listen to your favorite songs and music on your iDevices you have to first sync the audio files with your device so that they appear in the Music App. This way you have them in your Music App and hence have total control of when to play them, how to play them etc. In short you almost have total control over your music since there are a lot of shortcuts etc at your service.

Even though there a lot of other ways in which we can transfer music and audio files to your iDevices which also include third party apps etc, you do not get that kind of control and ease. Many a times it happens that the shortcuts wont work for the third party app, and other games and app might stop your third party apps from playing audio files once that particular game or app has been launched.

Hence according to me, it is a good idea that you sync your audio files with your device through iTunes. This way you also have one big advantage that no one can delete your audio files from your device. Now this might prove to be a disadvantage as well depending upon how you see it. Because it also means that even you cannot delete a song if you want to.

Anyways, let come to the main point of discussion here. Now I will tell you how you can ‘Manually Manage Music’ on your device and also how to ‘Solve/Avoid Playlist Problems’.

How to Manually Manage Music in iTunes

This part is very easy and convenient. You will love this method once you try it out for a couple of times. Follow the steps:

1. Open iTunes and connect your iDevice to the computer.

2. Scroll down in the Summary tab till you see the Options tab.

3. Once there, check the ‘Manually Manage Music’ option.

4. You can also ‘Check’ the ‘Convert Higher Bit Rate Songs to’ option and select ‘128kbps’. This is because 128kbps is the ideal value for your iDevices and will also help you save some space.

5. That’s it. You are done with this step.

Now that you have the ‘Manually Manage Music’ option checked on your iDevice, you can simply drag and drop any song you want into your iDevice through iTunes. At the same time you can also delete any song you want without having to make any other changes and without affecting the playlist and other files. But wait! The game is not over yet! You should check out the next part wherein you can ‘Solve/Avoid Playlist Problems’ as well.

How to Solve/Avoid Playlist Problems?

This is again a very simple method. Here what you do is, instead of creating playlist on your iDevice through the Music App you create the Playlist directly through iTunes!

I know that the above 2 methods sound totally same, but there are a  lot of problems that you can avoid by using the second method. For instance, there have been many cases wherein the Playlists created through the Music App simply disappear and you have to create the playlist again. Many a times it also happens that some of the songs do not play at all. They just get skipped!

So the problems mentioned above and other such problems if any, can be avoided, reduced or solved by using these two methods.

You already know how to Manually Manage Music. Now follow these steps to create playlists directly through iTunes:

1. Open iTunes and connect your iDevice to the computer.

2. Make sure that you are ‘Manually Managing Music’ on your device.

3. Right Click on your device and select ‘New Playlist’.

4. Give it a Name and create the Playlist.

5. Now simply drag and drop the songs you want to add in that playlist.

6. NOTE that you have to drag and drop it into the Playlist not on your device.

7. Do this for all the Songs and all the Playlists you want.

This way, the song becomes a part of that playlist and also get added to your device. So you can add it to another playlist later from your device.